3M 4941 VHB Double-Sided Acrylic Foam Tape

I first tried to mount my flexible solar panels with rivnuts and screws, but the panels didn’t lay flat.  Laying flat was one reason I wanted the flexible panels!  So I found out that a lot of folks use this Very High Bond (VHB) tape to mount the rigid panels.  I decided to give it a try.  Mounting without holes is a plus!  The only downside is removing them will be a job.  To install them I cleaned the roof, then wiped it with alcohol and laid the panels.  I used a laminate roller to get good adhesion. After hundreds of miles, they are still holding strong!



  • Very High Bond Conformable Acrylic Foam Tape has adhesive both sides to promote excellent adhesion to a broad range of surfaces
  • Capable of replacing rivets, spot welds, liquid adhesives, and other permanent fasteners
  • The conformable foam provides good contact, even with mismatched substrates
  • Resistance to solvents, moister and plasticiser migration
  • Provides more uniform seal on irregular surfaces

IMG_4436-1024x768  IMG_4439-1024x768

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