Episode 20: The Shiniest Trailer on the Planet!


Episode 20: The Shiniest Trailer on the Planet! originally aired 06-08-2006.  Running time: 58:11

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Episode 20: The Shiniest Trailer on the Planet!

Join theVAP this week as we talk with Arlen and Shirley Manning, owners of the “Shiniest Trailer on the Planet!”.  We discuss the many steps and dedication it takes to achieve that perfect polish!

Finding the perfect trailer
Not practical to have a polished trailer
Swift video inspiration
Nuvite – polish of choice
Low speed compounding
Aluminum is porous
Altering aluminum: Abrading, Burnishing, Coating
Compounding horsepower reshapes the aluminum
Problems with wet sanding
The different polish gradesWhich grade should I use?
Acid etching for severe corrosion
Develop a polishing system
How to use a compounder
Learning the techniques
DeWalt DW-130 compounder – high torque low RPM
Cyclo polisher – The finishing step
Why people skip the compounding and go straight to the cycloing
What is a cyclo?
Sweatshirt material on the cyclo is the key
Innovations: Compounding, Sweatshirt material, Micro fiber cloths
Cleanliness is very important for polishing
Prepare a polishing kit
Cyclo usage techniques
How much polish does it take?
The learning process
Tips and Tricks


Thanks to the Trailer Park Troubadours for our theme music

Release Date: 06-08-06
Running Time: 58:11


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