Episode 30: The 30’s and 40’s


Episode 30: The 30’s and 40’s originally aired 10-26-2006.  Running time:1:01:31.

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Episode 30: The 30’s and 40’s

Join Host Tim Shephard and Panel Pros Colin Hyde and Rob Baker and special guest Fred Coldwell as they discuss Airstreams early trailers!

  • Listener question: Remodeling a ’05 Bambi
  • Ambassador Update
  • Installing Aluminum panels from AirParts Inc.
  • Need a rivet shaver!
  • Tub painted with epoxy paint
  • Refinished the cabinets with Howards
  • Vintage poop problem
  • Tim lacks fiber glassing skill
  • New black tank design
  • New contributor: All-Rite!
  • Not much known about pre-war trailers
  • Dr. Holman’s 1935 Torpedo NOT a kit!
  • Airstream trailer production stopped during the war
  • Airstream builds wartime housing
  • Pre-war trailer amenities
  • Early Airstream competitors
  • Tube frames and wood interiors
  • Old granddad trailer at Jackson Center
  • Aliens from outer space
  • Too old to tow?
  • 1936 Clipper $1,495
  • Aluminum vs. Steel
  • Curtis Wright Clipper
  • After war Wally worked for Curtis Wright
  • 1947 Wally leaves Curtis Wright
  • Rob’s old 1948 Aero Flight Falcon
  • Why nautical names? Wee Wind, Trail Wind, etc…
  • Flying Cloud name origination
  • 1949 Airstream Liner News
  • Wider higher Liner
  • Pipe frame to ladder frame
  • Airstreams optional piano
  • Early trailer production numbers
  • Late 40’s trailer amenities
  • Listener feedback request


Thanks to the Trailer Park Troubadours for our theme music


Release Date: 10-26-06

Running Time: 1:01:31


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