Fresh, gray, and black tanks.

We’re always talking about replacing tanks on the show.  Vintage Trailer Supply has already done the work of getting these custom tanks built.  Take advantage of it and replace your rotted tanks.  You’ll be glad you did!


Each tank is specific, below is a generic description.  Exact info when you click for more.

Tank comes as a sealed white plastic box unless you specify custom fittings. To specify custom fitting locations, print of the drawing below and mark it clearly with the location of the fittings you want. The only rule is that they need to be spaced at least 1″ away from any side.

We will install additional recessed or protruding 1/2″ FPT, 1-1/4″ FPT or 1-1/2″ FPT fittings anywhere else on the tank you would like for just $10/fitting. To specify where you want your additional fittings, click on the drawing below. Print it off. Note on the drawing exactly where you want the fittings and what size they are to be. Then send it back to us. Fax to 888-628-4404 or email to

Fittings will be spin welded in place to properly bond the fitting to the tank. When you are ready to hook up your plumbing, just screw an MPT fitting in any of the installed fittings and you’re tightly connected to your plumbing. It’s a great system.

When installing fittings in threaded polyethylene tank openings, do not use teflon tape. Just tighten one turn past hand tight.