Go Power! GP-SW2000-12 2000-Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter

With my new 400w solar system, I decided I needed an inverter.  But not just any inverter, I needed one that could power a microwave.  Whenever we would stop to eat on travel days, the kids would complain that couldn’t microwave their cheesy macaroni.  So this was the solution.  If you want to run a microwave, get a 2000w inverter.  Don’t bother with the smaller ones, I tried.




  • 2000 watt continuous pure sine wave inverter 12 volt input
  • 4000 watt surge
  • 2 GFCI protected outlets and hardwire port
  • Over voltage, under voltage and overload protections
  • 2 Year warranty

Go Power! 2000-Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter takes 12 volt DC battery power and converts it to an exact replica of AC houshold power. It is guarenteed to run any load within their wattage rangeand has a 2 year warranty. This inverter has two GFCI outlets and can use the GP-DC-KIT4 to connect to the batteries with ease. As long as the load is not greater then 2000 watt this inverter will run it and the GP-SW2000-12 can surge to 4000 watt as well as contains all instructions required.

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