Olympic Shaveable Rivets

Can’t really call yourself an Airstreamer until you’ve installed a few of these!  Seriously, Olympic Rivets are are great for small patches, or mounting name plates outside the trailer.  You can shave them to very closely match the original bucked rivets.  Don’t use them for a full panel replacement though, you need to buck them rivets!

I recommend buying the ones without the washers and dipping them in a dab of Vulkem before installation.


Olympic bulb-tite shavable head rivets are unique. When properly finished, the heads of these blind “pop” rivets mimic the look of a solid buck rivet. There are no other rivets made that can pull off that neat trick. Because of this unique quality, they are the ideal rivet to use for quick repairs on the exterior skin of aluminum trailers. They provide a clean look that closely resembles the original rivets used by the factory.These rivets can be installed with most standard pop rivet tools after sizing the hole in your aluminum to just slightly larger than the rivet body diameter (see chart in Technical Specs section below pricing table).
The special shave tool for Olympic rivets is required to finish to a nice domed appearance. If have just a small number of rivets to finish and want to try to avoid purchasing the shave tool, you may find a Dremel or mill file can do a decent job of smoothing the head. However, the shave tool will create a far superior finish.

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