Sure, you can use Vulkem to seal the seams.  But Parbond make the job a lot easier.  It’s narrow application tip and thin consistency allow it to seep right into the seam forming a great seal.  When you get good at it, you can apply it without masking!  I found it better than Alcoa Gutter seal as the gutter seal seemed to turn a tint of green over time.  Can’t go wrong with Parbond!


Parbond is a versatile synthetic rubber sealant designed for sealing small joints or gaps up to 1/8′ between metal, glass and wood. Some travel trailer restorers prefer it because it is convenient to apply from the 5 oz. squeeze tube. It now comes in a variety of colors.It provides moisture resistance and weather protection through temperature variations, flexing and moderate elongation and compression. It sets up by evaporation of solvent to a tough flexible bead. An initial surface film forms in one hour, but final cure will take 24 to 72 hours, depending on the thickness and ambient temperature. Cured film will withstand exposure to weather, temperature extremes of -20°F to 180°F, water, water vapor and air pressure.5 ounce tube covers approximately 60 lineal feet if applied in a 1/8″ bead.

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