Shaver Tool for Olympic Rivets

Some get by using a small rotary tool to round out the tip.  If you have more than a handful to do, you need this tool.  Hopefully you can borrow one of these as they are a little pricey.  If not, it’s a great tool to have.  With not much practice you attach this to your drill and file that Olympic Rivet nice and round to match the trailers original bucked rivets.

Don’t tell anyone you bought one though, they’ll want to borrow it!


The smaller 5/32″ size of this tool is used by every Airstream service center and independent restoration shop.

This high-quality tool fits any standard drill and shaves the corresponding diameter of Olympic Bulb-Tite rivets to give a solid rivet appearance. The finished 5/32″ diameter rivets look nearly identical to the original factory-installed rivets on Airstreams and some other aluminum skin trailers. The 3/16″ and 1/4″ diameter rivets are used in special applications.The tool features a concave shaving bit and an adjustable depth stop. Once you set the depth stop to the desired depth, the shave bit plunges down on the rivet and shapes the mandrel and head to a perfectly formed dome shape. See additional photos for a parts diagram.
This tool isn’t cheap, but if you’re installing more than a handful of rivets, it will save you time and frustration. And the finished look is outstanding.
Please Read This Caution
You must match the tool diameter to the size Olympic rivets you are shaving. This tool should never be used on any rivets other than all aluminum Olympic Bulb-Tite shaveable rivets. Any other use of this tool is likely to damage it. Shaving bit should be spinning at high speed before it touches down on the head of the rivet.


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