Teardrop Marker Light

I used these on my Ambassador.  I wouldn’t say the quality is great, but they sure beat trying to reuse the originals.  If you end up putting LED’s in them, you should seal the top edge of the lens cover with butyl tape.


These teardrop lights are the closest match available to the originals. They have three exposed holes in the backplate for mounting. The original Bargman 48 lights had stamped steel bases. These have flexible stamped aluminum bases so they won’t rust.

The backing plate is 4-7/8″ x 3″ edge to edge. The two holes at the wide end are 2-7/16″ on center. And it is 4-1/4″ on center from the hole at the narrow end to either of the two holes at the wide end.

The three mounting holes line up with the old Bargman lights that had a very similar base plate shape. The hole in the back of the plate designed for the letting the wire come through is in a different location than the originals. To line up the wiring, we recommend drilling a new hole in the light’s aluminum base rather than cutting a new hole in your vintage trailer.

Bulb socket fits a #57 bulb (included).

Available in AMBER or RED.

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