theVAP Power DVD


theVAP Power DVD* includes video and audio of our power related projects.  The DVD includes over 1:15 minutes of video and nearly 6.5 hours of audio. * Requires a DVD player or PC with a DVD drive and software.



Video includes:

Solar Project – Talks aobut the installation of our 400w of Go Power Flex Solar Panels 14:49
Inverter Installation – Installl of a 2000w Pure Sine Inverter 10:33
LED Part 1 – Internal LED light conversion 13:20
LED Part 2 – External LED light conversion 5:53
Batter Monitor – Installation of a TriMetric Monitor 9:52
Solar Test – Comparing solar controllers 20:43

Also includes audio podcasts:

Episode 212: Go Solar – 400w Solar Flex Panel installation 01:31:34
Episode 213: LED 101 – Interview with about LED technology 01:10:30
Episode 214: Simulated Boondocking – First camping experience using solar power 01:26:18
Episode 215: Battery Monitor – Interview with Bogart Engineering about the TriMetric Monitor 01:17:56
Episode 216: Dumb vs Smart – Interview with on battery chargers 57:58

See it in action.


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