Screw In Replacement Bulb for 50’s and 60’s Airstreams – Warm White

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These are the LED’s that I have in my 1960 Ambassador.  They are great for power and heat reduction.  The offer the same light color as the original bulbs.  If I were doing it again, I might choose the Natural White versions.


Warm White DC12 Volt equivalent to 50w Incandescent with Samsung 5630 LEDs

This is a 12 Volt DC Bulb (WARNING: Do not put in normal 120v Normal Household Current Fixture!).  A nice retrofit “Corn” light designed for RV use.  Many RV Fixtures that use this type of screw in bulb have them mounted horizonatally, so this LED has more chips on the side where you need them.  Standard E26/E27 screw in base.

This light is also available in 120 Volt AC Models

Warm White 3200k light is designed to replicate the look of a standard incandescent.  This light is also available in Natural White 4500k if you desire a whiter light.

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