Episode 11: Trailer 101


Episode 11: Trailer 101 originally aired 02-02-2006.  Running time: 51:20.

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Episode 11: Trailer 101

Join host Tim Shephard and Panel Pros Colin Hyde and Rob Baker as they discuss this weeks topics.

Ever wonder about your trailers basic systems?  Why can’t you run the microwave when you are pulled into a rest stop?  How exactly should you drain your black tank?  Trailer 101 should help you out with all of these questions and more!

Rob’s March rally report
Listeners question: Laminate floor vs. vinyl
Laminate flooring installation tips
Trailer power systems explained
Trailer water systems explained
Robin Williams has black tank trouble in his RV movie
Flush your tank with a hydroflush
LP gas systems explained
*Travel with LP fridge on or off?
Auto switching LP regulators
OPD – Overfill Protection Device explained
Your feedback


*theVAP emailed Dometic Corporation, builders of RV refrigerators.  We asked what their official opinion was regarding towing with the fridge running in LP operation.


Here is their response:
First, I want to start off with this fact, our refrigerators are designed to run on gas mode or DC mode (if a 3 way refer) while traveling down the highway.  However, some states have restrictions on if you can and how you operate your refer on gas mode while traveling.  Each state is different; therefore, the user needs to be aware of each state law pertaining to this as they travel through.  Some states want you to shut your gas off before you enter a tunnel and most want you to shut it off while at the gas pump, these are some of the restrictions.  For more info, they should review all the states laws, that they plan on traveling through.V/rTechnical Services DeptThe Dometic Corporation

Thanks to the Trailer Park Troubadours for our theme music.

Running time:  51:20
Release date: 02-02-06


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